About Us

Our members mainly come from the Old Town, Eastcott, Okus, Lawns, Kingshill and Wichelstowe areas of Swindon. They attend one of the following groups:

  • 12th Swindon, based at the Moose Hall in Eastcott Road is our largest group, with two Beaver groups, three Cub groups and one Scout troop.
  • 6th Swindon is based in Ashford Road
  • 18th Swindon meets in Charlotte Mews
  • 3rd Swindon meets at the Stoweaway Centre in Wichelstowe

Subject to space being available, a young person typically joins the Scout Group around their sixth birthday. Their first two years with us are in the Beaver Scout section, where they enjoy making friends, playing games, experiencing adventures and going on trips and short camps – these take place on regular weekly meetings and at occasional weekends. We have Beaver colonies meeting on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Around their eighth birthday, the young person will move up to the Cub Scout pack. There are loads of fun things you can do as a Cub, including swimming, music, exploring, computing and climbing, and will also take part in longer camping trips. Badges can be gained by taking part in activities at Cubs and elsewhere. Our Cub packs meet on Mondays (three packs), Tuesdays (one pack) and Thursdays (one pack).

When agedĀ 10.5, each young person moves to the Scout Troop. Scouts take part in a huge range of activities. A key part of the Scouting programme is outdoor adventure, and Scouts learn a huge range of skills including camping, cooking, bushcraft and teamwork.

Our Scouts take part in an active programme of camps and trips, with several camps each year, which may include:

  • Weekend camps where learn camping skills and take part in new activities.
  • Survival camps, where Scouts experience a weekend sleeping in hammocks or under tarpaulins with limited facilities (12th Swindon has its own plot of woodland for this, just outside Swindon).
  • Summer camps, usually around one week long, for many this is the highight of the Scouting year. This camp could be held in the UK or abroad (12th Swindon Scouts recently camped in Holland and in Switzerland).
  • District camps, where we join together with other local scout groups to all camp together for a weekend of activities.
  • Group camps, where the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts from a particular group spend a weekend camping together.

12th Swindon is an Air Scout Group. Whilst their focus is on outdoor adventure, like all scout groups, some time is also dedicated to aviation activities. This allows the older Scouts at 12th Swindon to try their hand at gliding, and the group also runs an ‘air camp’ for young people to experience spending a weekend on an airfield and up in the air.

Weekly meetings for Scout troops are on either Tuesdays, Thursdays or Fridays in Old Town, and on Mondays in Wichelstowe.

All of these groups in Old Town are all part of Swindon Ridgeway Scout District. Groups from around our district (the southern half of Swindon, plus surrounding villages) come together regularly for activities and events.

If you ever wanted to try out something new then Scouting is for you!

All sections typically run at their maximum capacity with a joining list in place, so we can’t guarantee to be able to take new starters straight away. Whether your child is old enough to join straight away, or is not yet old enough, we recommend putting their name on our joining list so that we can see when a space will be available.

You may also want to check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.